She died of cancer, and her family spent 700,000 yuan to freeze it and wait 50 years for it to come back to life.

Human beings have been obsessed with immortality since ancient times, whether it is the legend of Qin Shihuang’s overseas search for elixir or the tradition of local Taoism in China for alchemy and cultivation.

In western science fiction movies, there are also many "black technologies" that can bring people back to life or keep their youth forever. In 1964, Robert Edinger, an American scholar, first mentioned the concept of "freezing human body waiting for the emergence of resurrection technology" in his book. Although this theory was ridiculed by many people at that time, people were constantly inspired by this concept, eager to freeze their bodies to achieve the purpose of resurrection after death, circulation and immortality. However, 50 years have passed since the first "frozen man" in China underwent cryosurgery. What is the current situation?

The origin and development of "freezing people" technology

As early as the early 20th century, scientists discovered that many wild reptiles had the function of "bringing back the dead". For example, many frogs, in extreme cold conditions, their bodies will be frozen, but their cell tissue fluid will not form crystals because of low temperature. In the frozen state, this frog will show signs of "suspended animation", its metabolism will basically stagnate and its vital signs will be weak, but when the temperature rises, it will return to normal survival signs.

This magical phenomenon has greatly inspired scientists. They will think about whether human beings can preserve the complete human tissues by freezing the human body, and then revive them after the development of science and technology to a certain extent. This kind of daydream also gives great inspiration to art creators. In many science fiction novels and movies, magical devices like "frozen dormancy cabin" have appeared to help human beings stay young and travel through space.

In the 1960s, American scholar Robert Eddinger suffered from injuries after his participation in World War II. In those days when he was suffering from pain, the American professor got inspiration from science fiction, and thought that it was a feasible way to freeze the human body and then come back from the dead. Although the technology of "resurrection from the dead" didn’t appear in his lifetime, Edinger still firmly believed in this theory, and devoted himself to promoting his concept of "freezing resurrection" before his lifetime, even setting up relevant associations.

In 1967, James Bedford, a faithful believer of Eddinger, underwent the operation of "freezing the remains" after his death, becoming the first case of "freezing people" in the world. In 2011, Edinger, a famous scientist with the reputation of "the father of cryonics", finished his life and also underwent cryosurgery.

The basic process of "cryosurgery" is to quickly replace the blood and cell tissue fluid in human body with special compound liquid after judging death in medicine, so as to prevent human body water from crystallizing at low temperature and damaging human tissues, and then keep the human body in a low temperature environment filled with liquid nitrogen.

Theoretically, this kind of surgery can ensure that human cells can reach a "temporary dormancy" state at low temperature, and can preserve the activity of cells for a long time. Then, after the development of science and technology to a certain extent, the cells will be thawed and the tissue function will be restored. However, at present, this statement only exists in science fiction movies and has not been realized.

The first female frozen person in China

The name of the first female frozen person in China is Du Hong. She was born in a scholarly family, went to school, took the college entrance examination, worked, got married and had children. Like many ordinary women around her, she had an ordinary and simple life course.

After 40 years in the education industry, she ushered in her own retirement life. Although her life was not as leisurely as she thought, taking care of children and doing housework also made Du Hong feel a little fulfilled. At the end of 2013, Du Hong often felt stomachache, so he decided to go to the hospital for a physical examination. Unexpectedly, the test results shocked Du Hong’s family like a bolt from the blue-she became a patient with advanced pancreatic cancer. Scientists are beginning to expect hospitals to save or prolong Du Hong’s life, but medical science and technology can not be determined by people’s subjective thoughts. At that time, the doctor gave two results, either giving up treatment and waiting for death quietly, or using chemotherapy to prolong life, but then the patient would have to endure the huge side effects brought by chemotherapy, and the effect of chemotherapy could not be guaranteed.

Du Hong is a passionate and optimistic intellectual woman in her daily life. Of course, she didn’t want to endure those unnecessary pains at the last stage of her life, so she chose to give up treatment and kept an open-minded and optimistic attitude while waiting for the death sentence.

But by chance, Du Hong saw the news of the "frozen man" in Thailand on the news, so Du Hong jokingly said to her daughter, "After mom left, you might be able to freeze me, too." My mother’s joke was firmly remembered by my daughter. Later, my family contacted a scientific research institution in the United States to discuss the relevant procedures of cryosurgery and obtained Du Hong’s consent. Cryopreservation and later preservation and maintenance are expensive. Du Hong’s family is a working class, so they can’t afford the complete cost of human body preservation. At the suggestion of American staff, Du Hong and his family chose to only freeze the skull, and this cost alone has already reached 700,000 RMB. Du Hong’s family scraped together and even sold their house to make up for the operation cost.

On May 30, 2015, just as Du Hong was declared to have died of natural causes by doctors, several American doctors rushed into the ward with equipment at the first time. They replaced all the tissue fluid in Du Hong’s head with protective liquid, and then quickly frozen it in a container filled with liquid nitrogen, after which the container was sent to the San Francisco headquarters of the institution for preservation. Du Hong’s family believes that in the near future, medical technology and artificial intelligence will develop to a new height, and Du Hong’s resurrection can be completed.

Du Hong, as the first woman in China to be "frozen", still arouses people’s discussion today. Everyone admires the courage of Du Hong and her family. However, it is undeniable that more than 50 years have passed since the first case of similar freezing in the world, and no scientific research institution or organization claims that it has successfully thawed and revived human body. The mainstream medical community still has doubts about the feasibility of this operation, and believes that this operation has great risks in both legal and ethical aspects.


There is no denying that Ms. Du Hong is an extremely brave and optimistic person. We also hope that medical science and technology can develop to a certain height in the future to solve the problems of human life and death. However, the act of "bringing back the dead", which seems to Xiaobian to have violated the laws of nature and even the ethical concept, remains to be discussed, and we should treat it rationally.

No PS, teach you how to quickly remove the image watermark.

In this self-media era, everyone is a blogger. You should not only be able to find pictures, but also handle image watermarking. So how to watermark without trace? PS can’t do this kind of high-level operation, wouldn’t it be difficult for the workers? NO, AI intelligence will help you with everything. You can easily fix the image watermark without PS. Today, I will teach you how to quickly remove the image watermark.

Cloud watermark

Cloud watermarking is a professional online image processing software. It can be operated online, and one-click online watermarking is one of the important functions of watermarking cloud.

The online watermark removal function of cloud adopts advanced artificial intelligence, and the software can help users complete the watermark removal operation through a very intelligent AI. The operation is very convenient, and the watermark, LOGO, text and redundant elements on the picture can be removed seamlessly with one click, making the whole picture clean and tidy quickly.

Since it’s artificial intelligence, it’s very simple to watermark cloud without trace. It doesn’t require any skill at all. Not only worry, but also save time. Using it to process watermarks, the work efficiency is doubled.

Now, let’s experience how convenient it is to remove the watermark without trace with sugar through specific steps.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Watermark Cloud, find Upload Now, click to enter the function page, and find the function of "Watermarking Image".

Step 2: Upload the image that needs to be watermarked online. Adjust the brush size according to the size of the watermark. Click "Start Watermarking" when you are finished.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds, and after the watermark is removed, you can get the picture without trace and watermark, and finally download it directly. Let’s see the comparison effect before and after treatment ~

This traceless watermarking function can be said to be convenient and simple. Not only is watermarking very clean, but it is also a one-click operation. The key watermark cloud is still a function that does not have any hard and wide advertising and pop-up advertisements that hinder its use.

Of course, the watermark cloud is not only the function of watermark removal. There are online matting, watermarking, video format conversion, audio-video separation, etc. It’s easy to use and operate. It can help you to deal with pictures well.

The influence of AI painting on AIGC industry

In 2017, it was called the first year of artificial intelligence. Kai-Fu Lee, who is known as the pioneer of the era of intelligent revolution, talked in his book Artificial Intelligence that "in the AI era, the skills that are stylized, repetitive and can be mastered only by memory and practice are the least valuable and will definitely be replaced by machines; On the contrary, those that best reflect people’s comprehensive quality and skills, such as aesthetic ability and creative thinking of art and culture … these AI’s are hard to replace. "

At the same time, when participating in the recording of a variety show "Qi Pa Shuo" at that time, Kai-Fu Lee made a more straightforward statement about this view: "All jobs that need rationality will be replaced by artificial intelligence, such as traders, secretaries, administration and finance. Jobs that require sensibility and beauty will still exist, such as actors and designers. "

It can be said that "the work related to art and creativity will not be replaced by AI". It has been popular in the past few years, until a recent news completely destroyed people’s cognition:

At the Colorado Expo in the United States, the AI painting "Space Opera House" won the number group championship. Jason Allen, the author, had no artistic foundation at all, and generated the painting through the AI painting tool Midjourney. It can only be said that from the artistic expression of the works alone, AI paintings are not lost to human painters at all:

As soon as the news of AI’s award came out, artists in the traditional painting field couldn’t sit still. For a time, all kinds of boycotts continued, and discussions on copyright, fairness, art and other issues followed … This also deserves our deep thinking:

What will the rise of AI painting bring to AIGC industry?

In 2022, it was called the first year of AIGC. The main driving force of this statement is not "AI painting", but the function of "intelligent graphic to video" before that. Taking the domestic head intelligent image-text to video platform as an example, it has been able to realize the powerful function of directly making video according to the edited copy (or the published image-text link) of the user. The user only needs to wait for a short time, and the AI can automatically match the picture, add dubbing, subtitles and other necessary video elements, which can be directly exported and saved after a simple review by the user, and the material can be easily replaced and modified if not satisfied.

Although the function of intelligent graphic-to-video conversion is powerful, it is more of a tool to empower video creators, which is far from hitting the rice bowl of human beings. However, the appearance of AI painting tools really makes human beings realize the danger of AIGC industry and begin to think about how to coexist with it.

It can be said that AI painting has brought huge traffic and controversial topics to AIGC, a new industry, forcing human beings to face the huge impact of AIGC, which is all-round and spread all over painting, writing, video and other fields.

Of course, this will greatly promote the development of the whole AIGC industry. The advantage of intensifying contradictions ahead of time is that contradictions will be resolved ahead of time, and the complicated factors such as copyright, ethics and society that AIGC industry will face sooner or later are already in front of the stage. This will greatly benefit the establishment of relevant laws and regulations in the field of AIGC, and the growth of upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises. AIGC will find its own suitable development position through constant disputes and discussions, and enter the scene of work, life and business more quickly.

Another Xu Changsuo? Fans angrily criticized the class, or cost the first coach of the season.

Another Xu Changsuo? Fans angrily criticized the class, or cost the first coach of the season.

As all fans know, the CBA league has started two matches now, but for Jilin men’s basketball team, their state is not good. In last season, we can find that Wang Han, as the head coach of Jilin men’s basketball team, also made the playoffs, and even defeated Shougang men’s basketball team, which won the championship in the first round.

Last season, Shougang men’s basketball team had four foreign AIDS, which was considered to be the favorite to win the championship. Last year, Marbury also believed that Shougang men’s basketball team would win the championship. Under the leadership of Wang Han, Jilin men’s basketball team only used one foreign aid, which directly swept Shougang men’s basketball team in the playoffs.

However, for Wang Han, the present ability has been revealed, but the Jilin men’s basketball team did not give Wang Han a raise in salary. Therefore, Wang Han joined Shandong men’s basketball team directly in a fit of pique, and now everyone has discovered that Jilin men’s basketball team has not achieved good results this season, and it has swallowed two consecutive defeats.

At present, Cui Wanjun’s coaching level has been questioned by fans, and the core generals in the team have been injured continuously. Moreover, Cui Wanjun’s coaching style is very similar to that of Xu Changsuo last season, reusing the core of the team, and giving no opportunity to young players at all, so that he is like Jiang Yuxing’s players in the team.

Each game is played for more than 30 minutes. Therefore, if you start playing like this after only two games in the regular season, I’m afraid you won’t make it to the playoffs. So what do you think of this problem? I hope you can click the follow button and leave a message in the comment section! This article was created exclusively by the author "Nine-point Sports". It was transported and plagiarized without the author’s consent. No platform number can be reproduced.

Exercises of Tianjin Adult College Entrance Examination in 2022


1. The following underlined words, the one with the same pronunciation, are

A. Counting, saying, counting, counting, and forgetting one’s ancestors.

B. Identify and see through, be knowledgeable and far-sighted

C. It’s full of fun and bossiness.

D. The model mold is ambiguous and pretentious

2. In the following groups of words, the one with no typos is

A. deployment of decorative horns

B. Anti-smuggling literary talent has died down

C. Make a unified examination and complain with virtue.

On the verge of the chime, it’s not a matter of carving and pecking

3. Fill in the words at the horizontal lines of the following sentences in turn. The most appropriate group is

① Now there are many students from all directions who have infinite affection for famous Linchuan teachers.

② In recent years, telecommunications has developed rapidly, and broadband has been widely installed in big cities, small and medium-sized cities and remote rural areas.

Everyone knows that he is a brilliant student.

A. admire and draw inferences from others

B. admire and even know a thing or two.

C. admire and even know a thing.

D. Admire and even draw inferences from others

4. In the following sentences, the proper idiom of underlined words is

A. The successful launch of "Tiangong-1" is inseparable from the deliberate scientific research work of thousands of scientists.

B. CPPCC members from the scientific and technological circles happily visited the sewage purification system facilities in this area.

C. The quality of products is closely related to the interests of the broad masses of the people, and we must do everything possible to ensure it.

D. The temple buildings in China are magnificent and exquisite, constructed according to the situation, and ingenious, which can be described as uncanny workmanship.

5. Among the following sentences, the one that has no speech disorder is

A. Zhuangzi said: When you do good deeds, don’t pursue fame for the purpose; When you do something bad, never forget to break the law.

B. My knife swims along the original gap of the cow’s body, and the cow’s body will not only be untied smoothly, but also the blade will not be damaged. This is called doing things according to the laws of things.

C. In life, you should not only do good things without doing bad things, but also do good things naturally and never do them intentionally.

D. If a person’s body wants to last forever, it can’t touch hard things that hurt himself, but it is an important way to keep the body alive by acting in the middle of those hard things.

6. Fill in the horizontal line in the humanities, and the most appropriate one to connect with the context is

There is a returning river in the north of Shanxi-Hebei, and the green reed statue is covered with a thick layer of white clouds.

① When the reed blossoms, it looks from a distance.

② There is a small village by the river.

③ There are many reeds growing in the river.





7. Among the following words, the underlined words all have the same pronunciation.

A. A strange soldier suddenly wakes up

B. Branding in the nagging era to prevent drought and waterlogging

C. Degenerate the battlements of the city walls.

D. Nanny is a good neighbor and friend.

8. Among the following groups of words, the one without typos is

A. to fight against the drought and fish for grandstanding

B. The troublemakers will make every effort to make every effort.

C. There are countless books to repair hell to pay.

D. Being extravagant and unable to agree with each other will destroy the bones.

9. Fill in the words at the horizontal lines of the following sentences in turn. The most appropriate group is

① In recent years, Poyang Lake has strengthened wetland protection, and its ecological environment has been obviously improved, making it the largest wintering habitat for migratory birds in the world.

② "Eternal Monument" records the heroic deeds of the martyrs who persisted in the struggle with their strong faith and will in blood shed’s time.

③ More than 30 kilometers of roads are mostly between high mountains and canyons. Due to the strong earthquake, ground cracks, broken bridges and car crashes can be seen everywhere; A large-scale landslide hundreds of meters vertical not only blocks the road, but also makes the rolling stones fly down and experience life and death!

A. thus, perseverance is fascinating.

B. Then be patient and thrilling

C. Then it is tough and exciting.

D. So tough and thrilling

10. The incorrect use of underlined idioms in the following sentences is

A. In December, 1937, the Japanese invaders created the terrible Nanjing Massacre, killing 300,000 compatriots.

B. After the Korean government successfully applied for the Dragon Boat Festival as a world cultural heritage, it made great efforts to apply for Chinese characters.

C. The China athletes did not meet the expectations of the public in the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, and showed their elegant demeanour with excellent results.

D. Cuban President Castro, who is nearly eighty years old, really walks like a duck after recovering from a serious illness.



1. Vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Choose the best one from the four choices in each question.

1.Johnson will phone his mother as soon as he_____in Kunming.

A. arrived

B. arrives

C. will arrive

D. is arriving

2.—Was? the? gentleman’s? name? David—No.I? don’t? think? so,? but______.go? on,please.?A.many? thanks? B.never? mind? C.not? at? all D.I’d? like? to?

3.This song is very________with young people.

A. pleasant

B. popular

C. favourite

D. Beautiful

4.The family________at a small hotel for the night.

A. put up

B. went up

C. got up

D. jumped up

Answer: BBBA

II. Complete the dialogue. According to the Chinese prompt, write the missing content in the dialogue after the corresponding question number on the answer sheet. These sentences must conform to the English expression habits. Where you put a full stop, use declarative sentences; where you put a question mark, use interrogative sentences.

Tip: Lucy is going to the art exhibition center and asks a man for directions. The man tells her how to get there. (L=Lucy; S=Sir)

L: Excuse me ,sir._____1___ the Art Exhibition Centre?

S:Yes but it is quite far.It’s about an hour’s walk.You can take a bus there.

L:_____2___ ?

S:You can take Bus No. 15.


S:About 20 minutes. And you can also take a taxi.

L:Taxi? That’s a good idea. Thank you very much.

S:____4____ .




1.Could you tell me the way to

2.Which bus should I take

3.How long will it take

4.You’re welcome



1. The first electronic computer was successfully developed in the United States in 1946. The abbreviation of this computer is _ _ _ _ _ _.





2. There are many ways to classify computers. Among the following options, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A, electronic digital computer

B, general purpose computer

C, electronic analog computer

D, digital-analog hybrid computer

3. The following are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

A, fast operation

B, the calculation accuracy is high

C, the shape is clumsy

D, strong versatility

4. Using computers to imitate people’s advanced thinking activities is called _ _ _ _.

A, data processing

B, automatic control

C, computer-aided system

D, artificial intelligence

5. In the field of computer, the attribute of objective things is expressed as _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

A, data

B, numerical value

C, analog quantity

D. Information

6. The main components of the computer host are _ _ _ _.

A, arithmetic unit and controller

B, CPU and main memory

C, arithmetic unit and peripherals

D, arithmetic unit and memory

7. The operation code of the instruction indicates _ _ _ _ _ _.

A, what to do?

B, stop the operation

C, operation results

D. Operating address

8. The personnel management procedure of a unit belongs to _ _ _ _ _.

A, system program

B, system software

C, application software

D, target software

9. The five basic components of von Neumann structure computer include arithmetic unit, memory, input device, output device and _ _ _ _ _.

A, display

B, controller

C, hard disk storage

D. Mouse

10. Plotter is the output device of computer’s output graphics, and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ also belong to the output device.

A, printer and monitor

B, keyboard and monitor

C, mouse and monitor

D. Scanners and printers


This article will show you the five differences between RPA and reptiles-Huayang RPA.

Many friends are confused about RPA and crawler. Today, we will briefly explain the four differences between RPA and crawler, hoping to help you.

First, the definition is different.
RPA, in a nutshell, is to use some scripts that can be automatically executed to realize a series of tasks that originally needed to be done manually by software automation. Crawler is a program or script that automatically crawls the information of the World Wide Web according to certain rules. In addition, it can be called ant, automatic index, simulator or worm, etc.

Second, the technical principle is different.
RPA belongs to the category of AI artificial intelligence, and the RPA simulates human actions to perform tasks through the design process. Because its core is "simulating human", it exerts the same pressure on the system as a person’s normal operation on the system, without extra load and without any influence on the system. Using Python development script, the crawler can obtain data by sending http requests to obtain cookies or directly injecting them into web pages. Because the python language is used to write scripts and directly operate HTML, the crawler is very flexible and fine, and the speed of grabbing web data is very fast, so it is easy to be recognized by the anti-crawler mechanism.

Third, the usage scenarios are different.
RPA can be applied to all sectors of enterprises in all walks of life, and it can reduce manual repetitive operations by imitating a series of human actions. The crawler is mainly used for big data collection, and the limitations of the working scene are obvious; If it is used improperly, or even backfired, it will bring huge legal risks to enterprises.

Fourth, the compliance is different
RPA belongs to the category of AI intelligence and conforms to the development trend of global AI technology. All countries are encouraging the use of RPA to help enterprises and institutions reduce costs and increase efficiency, and reform and upgrade. The compliance of crawler depends on the specific situation. Because it is mostly used in data collection, the work involved by crawler will easily infringe on personal privacy and enterprise data security, and there is always controversy. Improper use will directly cause legal risks and even serious legal consequences.

Fifth, the complexity is different.
RPA only simulates human operations. If it performs specific operations, it is difficult for anti-crawler to accurately distinguish human operations from RPA operations by means of pattern recognition. And reptiles are easily recognized by technology.

[Summary]: The essential difference between RPA and crawler is that the crawler is essentially a script program that crawls information for web pages and unrestricted websites. If the website has anti-scraping measures, it will affect or restrict the crawler’s operation. RPA is the operation of simulator. Besides crawling data, RPA can support human-computer interaction in more scenarios such as data processing, statistical analysis, data filling and so on.

Huayang RPA is a browser automation tool independently developed by Shenzhen Yunshang Yuedong Technology Co., Ltd. with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is an important part of Huayang client. Huayang RPA can simulate the real operation of human beings, automatically and intelligently perform repetitive work on multiple accounts at the same time, think and act like human beings, and improve operational efficiency. In Huayang RPA, as long as it is repetitive and regular, a process can be customized to realize automatic operation, so it is suitable for all walks of life.


How can I choose if I don’t have the technical ability and don’t want to do labor-intensive data labeling?

Artificial intelligence is a fast-growing industry. Now, many teams and companies want to enter this industry. They may have been engaged in traditional industries before, as well as other third-party industries such as human resource recruitment. However, because of the epidemic situation, industry development and other factors, they want to re-enter a new industry and add a new sector to empower their own teams and companies.

However, after searching online, I found that the field of artificial intelligence is too big, and data labeling is the best choice for myself in the subdivided field. However, the resources of labeling projects are unstable, and now the transparency of the project unit price is too easy to do, making it into a dilemma. However, everyone seems to have forgotten that besides data labeling, many practitioners who want to enter this industry want to obtain an artificial intelligence data labeling certificate as a stepping stone to enter labeling enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence and Data

The development and application of artificial intelligence requires a lot of data. The more data provided to machine learning algorithms, the better they can discover patterns, make decisions, predict behaviors, personalize content, diagnose medical conditions, realize intelligence, and detect network threats and frauds. In fact, artificial intelligence and data have reached such a relationship:"Algorithms without data are blind, while data without algorithms are stupid."

If we want to enter the field of AI, but we don’t have the technical ability, and we don’t want to be a simple labeling company, and take on projects to earn profits, then it is suggested that we should consider the certification services of AI trainers, pay close attention to practitioners in the industry, as well as newcomers and odd jobs who want to enter this industry, and provide them with the skills to enter this industry, and obtain the relevant AI data labeling technology (primary) certificates.

Artificial intelligence trainer

In recent years, with the rapid development of the field of artificial intelligence, all industries have a strong demand for high-quality and effective data sets, and the scale of data annotators as data set producers is also expanding. In February, 2020, the data annotator was officially defined as an "artificial intelligence trainer" and included in the national occupational classification catalogue.

Service is closely related to artificial intelligence, and data annotator seems to be an "entry-level" type of work in the field of artificial intelligence: the technical threshold is low, and a wide range of people are recruited. Through repeated actions thousands of times a day, they get in touch with the cutting-edge artificial intelligence. With the development of artificial intelligence, data service providers have to undertake difficult and unique tasks, which also means that post practitioners have higher requirements.

For example, the current AI learning has developed from 2D data annotation to 3D data annotation, the previous simple and repetitive work has been gradually replaced, and the AI basic data service industry has begun to change to specialization and refinement.

For example, according to the changes of the industry, we provide a new project model for teams who want to enter the field of artificial intelligence-that is, they can become our certified partners of artificial intelligence trainers, so that each partner can concentrate on cultivating talents who know both theory and practice in basic processing of artificial intelligence data while joining the artificial intelligence track, and make sufficient talent reserve for the next development of the industry, and at the same time, provide all kinds of talents for those trainees who have acquired the artificial intelligence data labeling technology (primary level).

Intelligent warehousing should not stop at "import substitution"

If you ask, which intelligent scene is universally accepted by business, industry and service industry, intelligent warehousing is indispensable in the answer.

According to the data, the market size of warehouse performance service is 2 trillion yuan every year, and the penetration rate of intelligent warehousing is constantly increasing. From 71.25 billion yuan in 2017 to 114.55 billion yuan in 2021, it has exceeded the 100 billion mark, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.6%.

Source: Huaan Securities Research Institute.

The huge market space is also attracting cross-border people to enter. In the past few years, in the direction of intelligent warehousing, there are many Internet giants, technology giants, logistics companies and a large number of emerging startups. We put forward different solutions from different technical paths.

First, the "problem-solving ideas" of China warehousing

Historically, the change of scene and technology has made the warehousing industry evolve.

In the industrial age, in 1917, Clark Company of the United States invented the forklift truck, which started the mechanized era of warehousing, and the warehouse changed from plane to three-dimensional.

With the outbreak of the e-commerce scene, the warehouse has returned from three-dimensional to plane, and the cost has become higher. Specifically, with the birth of Amazon in 1995, the orders of warehouses changed from dozens of orders a day to tens of thousands of orders a day, and the volume of an order changed from dozens of boxes to one or two pieces. At this time, the picking mode of this industrial scene can no longer meet the requirements of e-commerce. The whole retail warehouse began to develop in the direction of "multi-variety", "small order", "high frequency" and "shallow inventory".

Today, a new problem has emerged, that is, the cost of land and manpower has become higher.

How to make the warehouse return to three-dimensional, save floor efficiency and manpower has become a common concern of the industry.

Technology is an important means to achieve low prices.So, at present, the warehousing industry in China is undergoing an intelligent revolution.

The internal cause is that the solution to "people" in the past is becoming less and less applicable in China. According to the data, the number and proportion of working-age population in China have been declining for eight consecutive years since 2012. Traditional labor-intensive industries such as warehousing and logistics are facing the dilemma of "no one is available", and enterprises urgently need to use intelligent means to realize the replacement of "people arrive" by "goods arrive".

The external reason is that the demand for retail warehouses of light industrial products in China has reached the first place in the world, forcing enterprises to improve their operating efficiency. At the same time, many departments of the state have successively issued policies to encourage the intelligent and automatic construction of warehousing links, and to promote the logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Relevant policies of intelligent warehousing industry in China Source: 36Kr

However, in the past few years, the solutions emerging in the direction of intelligent storage haven’t really solved the real problem of e-commerce warehouse in China.

According to the data of the Ministry of Transport, the ratio of total logistics cost to GDP in China has always been high. In 2021, logistics and transportation cost in China accounted for 7.8% of GDP, warehousing cost accounted for 5.0%, and management cost accounted for 1.9%, totaling 14.7%. The proportion of the above expenses in Japan is 5.2%, 3.0% and 0.3%, totaling 8.5%; The proportion in the United States is 4.9%, 2.1% and 0.3%, totaling 7.3%.

"Our conclusion is that there are huge differences between domestic and foreign intelligent storage modes." After analyzing more than a dozen versions of schemes at home and abroad, Li Linzi, CEO of Whale Warehouse, who has been deeply involved in the warehousing industry for more than ten years, believes that,The "import substitution" route adopted by many domestic companies has not solved the core problems of "China cost" and "China scale".

The first cost problem is easy to understand. The reality of China’s logistics industry is that the gross profit margin is a single digit for many years, and it is difficult to pay back the cost by spending money on expensive equipment. It can be calculated that the labor cost in China is one sixth of that in Europe and America, while the labor efficiency is twice that in Europe and America, and the difference between the inside and the outside is 12 times. At this time, it may take 10 to 20 years for a lot of equipment abroad that can be returned to the original in two years to be transplanted to the warehouse in China.

The second issue is the size of China. E-commerce warehouses in China have a large number of single pieces and scattered orders, so the requirements for delivery on the same day and receipt on the next day are very high. Therefore, on the whole, the domestic storage demand is more demanding than overseas.

In this regard, Li Linzi issued such a sigh: "The storage problem in China is a big problem, but overseas is a small problem."

The difficulty lies in the fact that few small and medium-sized warehouses are willing to spend high cost to deploy intelligent facilities based on national conditions.Therefore, finding low-cost and reliable solutions to benefit many parties has become the common goal of the industry.Whale Warehouse Technology, registered by Li Linzi, came into being with the initial intention of "helping the sellers in the world to fulfill their obligations".

"Overseas monks can’t read the scriptures, and our eyes always look inward." Li Linzi said that choosing an original road based on national conditions is to cross the gap from technology supply to commercial demand, realize certain commercial and social values, and promote the development and transformation of the warehousing industry.

Second, use "one-stop intelligent warehousing service" to break the situation.

As a technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, while upgrading technology, the key to the real popularization of warehousing lies in meeting the demand of "accessibility".

In fact, mainstream brands, distributors and sellers don’t have enough willingness to pay for the construction of intelligent warehousing, and they prefer leasing and outsourcing. At the same time, although most warehouse owners are willing to reduce costs, they lack the ability to pay.

Because it is costly to change customers’ payment habits, only lowering the threshold for customers to use smart warehouses, building the ecology of the supply side of smart warehouses, allowing rich people to pay and skilled people to produce technology are the way out in the future.

In terms of technology, intelligent warehousing needs to solve market pain points through product innovation and extreme performance based on a deep understanding of the industry.

You know, the life of a commodity in a warehouse can be divided into three stages: receipt, storage and distribution. As the core access link in warehousing, it is characterized by the pursuit of storage density. The warehouse is three-dimensional and dense enough, which means that the floor efficiency is high and the cost is reduced.

Whale warehouse takes the route of intensive storage+low-cost intelligent storage, and innovates the access link. First of all, in the storage space, the transformed high-density three-dimensional warehouse area adopts the standard bin stacking scheme, and the storage density is the highest in the world. Secondly, in terms of picking efficiency, the "Spider Picking Robot" in Whale Warehouse has the ability to carry and unpack at the same time, which can improve the efficiency of goods on and off shelves in a straight line; Finally, in terms of accuracy, the spider-picking system uses SaaS and distributed deployment, which can make the real-time data fully controllable and reduce the dependence on hardware accuracy, thus reducing errors.

In the end, the effect of Whale Warehouse is that manpower is saved by 30% and space utilization rate is increased by 6 times. Compared with other intelligent warehouse solution providers, the space utilization rate is increased by about 2 times and the labor cost is not obviously optimized, which is a huge step forward.

In terms of services, intelligent warehousing also needs to respect customers’ consumption habits and provide different services for different customers’ needs.

For large customers with strong ability to pay, Whale Warehouse provides one-time equipment sales; For customers who rely on third-party service providers to perform the contract, Whale Warehouse charges according to the actual performance; For warehousing service providers, Whale Warehouse provides intelligent warehouse rental business … A variety of profit methods have enabled Whale Warehouse to achieve a benign profit and a virtuous circle.

Therefore, in the past two years, thanks to the maturity of software and hardware, the collaborative ecology of finance and express delivery has initially taken shape, which has made the performance growth of Whale Warehouse have an obvious "acceleration". Even though the epidemic in 2022 has had a certain impact on the logistics and warehousing industry, whale warehouses still have an estimated growth of nearly 200 million yuan.

"Because the growth is benign, I dare to step on the accelerator and start speeding up." Li Linzi said that at present, Whale Warehouse has surpassed the definition of warehousing software and hardware developers and is developing into a one-stop service platform for intelligent warehousing.

3. Where is the final stage?

Driven by artificial intelligence, big data, robots and other technologies, how far can intelligent warehousing go? In Li Linzi’s view, there will be three inevitable trends in the industry.

First, it is bound to move from manpower-intensive to technology and capital-intensive.

As mentioned earlier, with the increasing labor cost, the warehousing industry in China will inevitably move towards technology-driven and capital-intensive, and the labor cost in China will rise, which is closer to the manpower scissors difference between Europe and the United States. Therefore, it is just necessary to use more technology and capital to reduce the industry’s dependence on manpower.

Second, it is inevitable to move from decentralized front stores and back warehouses to intensive performance platforms.

This is because, while giant enterprises expand their scale, they will also improve operational efficiency and customer experience, which may aggravate the concentration of the warehousing industry. As mentioned above, the front store and the back warehouse are not professional, and in the future, businesses will inevitably choose the efficient service of intensive platform.

Third, the neutral third-party performance platform must occupy more than the top three market shares.

Although Ali and JD.COM are both building their own performance platforms, under the general trend of brand multi-channel sales, the neutral third-party performance platform is bound to become the mainstream in the long run, occupying a large share of the market.

It can be predicted that the phased end of intelligent warehousing in the future will probably be infrastructure like computing power, providing customers with overall services including equipment, software, finance and so on.

In Li Linzi’s view, "hardware is the foundation, software is the essence, operation is essential, and finance is even more powerful." Nowadays, Whale Warehouse has formed a comprehensive solution of hardware+software+operation+finance, which is the best solution in the industry so far.

Many times, startups are the embodiment of the founder’s inner world. To put it simply, "Whale swallows everything, and the warehouse connects thousands of households" is the vision of Whale Warehouse, and it is also the simplest initial intention of Li Linzi more than ten years ago, that is, to help merchants send out goods, so that they can concentrate on selling goods without worries.

For the future development, Whale Warehouse hopes to constantly iterate itself so that customers can have a better service experience.

IV. Conclusion:

In this intelligent competition, the warehousing industry is experiencing a new round of reshuffle and contest, and the "China Plan" which is more in line with the national conditions is breaking through.

In the World Women’s Volleyball Championships, the former Soviet Union ranked first in five championships, and China entered the top three for six times in 15 competitions.

In the early morning of October 16th, Beijing, the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships ended in Aperdorun, the Netherlands. Serbia defeated Brazil 3-0 in the final and won the second world championship in team history. This team has also become the sixth team to win the World Championships after the former Soviet Union, Japan, China, Cuba and Russia. Since the World Women’s Volleyball Team was founded in 1952, the former Soviet Union has won five championships and become the team with the most championships. Japan and Cuba each won three championships, followed closely. China, Russia and Serbia won two championships together. China Women’s Volleyball Team has competed in the World Championships for 15 times and ranked among the top three for six times, winning two gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal.

The top three women’s volleyball world championships are as follows:

1。 Champion of 1952 World Championships: former Soviet Union, runner-up: Poland, runner-up: Czechoslovakia.

2。 Champion of 1956 World Championships: former Soviet Union, runner-up: Romania, runner-up: Poland.

3。 1960 World Championship Champion: former Soviet Union, runner-up: Japan, third runner-up: Czechoslovakia.

4。 Champion of 1962 World Championships: Japan, runner-up: former Soviet Union, third runner-up: Poland

5。 1967 World Championships Champion: Japan, runner-up: America, third runner-up: South Korea.

6。 1970 World Championship Champion: former Soviet Union, runner-up: Japan, third runner-up: North Korea.

7。 Champion of 1974 World Championships: Japan, runner-up: former Soviet Union, third runner-up: South Korea

8。 1978 World Championships Champion: Cuba, Runner-up: Japan, Third runner-up: Former Soviet Union.

9。 Champion of 1982 World Championships: China, runner-up: Peru, third runner-up: former Soviet Union.

10。 1986 World Championships Champion: China, runner-up: Cuba, runner-up: Peru.

Eleven. Champion of 1990 World Championships: former Soviet Union, runner-up: China, third runner-up: United States.

Twelve. 1994 World Championships Champion: Cuba, runner-up: Brazil, runner-up: Russia

Thirteen. 1998 World Championships Champion: Cuba, runner-up: China, runner-up: Russia.

14。 Champion of the 2002 World Championships: Italy, runner-up: America, runner-up: Russia.

Fifteen. Champion of the 2006 World Championships: Russia, runner-up: Brazil, runner-up: Serbia and Montenegro.

16。 Champion of the 2010 World Championships: Russia, runner-up: Brazil, runner-up: Japan.

17。 Champion of 2014 World Championships: USA, runner-up: China, runner-up: Brazil.

18。 Champion of the 2018 World Championships: Serbia, runner-up: Italy, runner-up: China.

19。 Champion of 2022 World Championships: Serbia, runner-up: Brazil, runner-up: Italy

2-0、1-0! Tottenham won sadly, Juventus roller coaster, Ligue 1 dark horse galloped: Super 4 giants.

On October 16th, Beijing time, the five major leagues continued, and there were sad and happy nights in Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A. In the intensive schedule, the injuries of each strong team began to increase. Tottenham Hotspur had a sad picture of winning, beating Everton 2-0, but Rishalison, the striker who joined in the summer window with a transfer fee of 58 million euros, was injured and dropped out of the game. Because of his calf injury, Rishalison was worried about a muscle tear, which led to the tragedy of missing the World Cup. Rishalison went back to the dressing room and burst into tears. He was afraid that these bad things would happen.

Kong Di has confirmed that Risalizon will not appear in the next match against Manchester United, and Risalizon’s mood has eased a bit, saying that he is waiting for the results of injury examination, hoping that it will not affect the World Cup. According to the media reporter’s report, it only takes 10 days for Risalizon’s calf muscle to recover if the degree of tear is only grade I, and it takes one month for Risalizon to recover if it is grade II.

In the standings, Tottenham Hotspur remained stable, scoring 23 points in 10 games, tying Manchester City with one more game, one point behind the leader Arsenal. Kane and Heibier broke the door in this round. Atletico Madrid in La Liga also got back on track. In the 9th round of La Liga, it defeated Athletic Bilbao 1-0, and won three consecutive victories in La Liga. The standings returned to the top three, catching up with Real Madrid and Barcelona with 19 points and 22 points. Gleizman’s state recovered and scored again, achieving consecutive goals.

The situation in Serie A and Ligue 1 is chaotic, and the big teams collectively slide down. Juventus beat Turin 1-0 in this round, and Vlahovic scored the winning goal in the 74th minute of the game. This can’t hide the phenomenon of Juventus’ roller coaster this season. The team’s record fluctuates, and the same is true in the course of the game. The possession rate and the number of shots in this game are less than those in Turin, and its dominance is not as good as before. According to the standings, Juventus is still out of the top six, ranking seventh in Serie A with 16 points, as low as Inter. The top four in Serie A are all strong teams or dark horses, followed by Atlanta with 24 points, Naples with 23 minutes, Lazio with 20 minutes and Udinese with 20 points. AC Milan was pushed to fifth place in 20 minutes, and Rome was pushed to sixth place with 19 minutes.

There is also a magical plot in Ligue 1, in which Dark Horse Lance has become a champion team. In the 11th round, Ligue 1 defeated Montpellier at home, achieving a total home victory of Ligue 1 this season, with six consecutive victories. During this period, there were many tough battles, including 4-1 Monaco, 5-2 Laurian and 1-0 Lyon. In this campaign, Montpellier was defeated 1-0, and Lance completely suppressed his opponent, with a ball possession rate of 66%. Compared with his opponent’s shot, it was 17-8, and his shot was 5-1, and he finally won 1-0. Saeed scored a single goal in the 66th minute of the game.

According to the standings, Lance ranks among the top three, ranking third in Ligue 1 with 24 points, surpassing the four giants Marseille, Monaco, Lille and Lyon in Ligue 1. Marseille ranks fourth with 23 points, Monaco ranks fifth with 20 points, Lille ranks sixth with 19 points, and Lyon ranks ninth with 14 points. The first place in France is Paris, with 26 points in 10 games, and the second place is Laurian, a dark horse, with 26 points in 11 games.