How does the ai robot outbound call system make calls automatically? Can it be tried?

With the development of artificial intelligence, more and more ai robot outbound call systems appear. Users are dazzled when choosing, and they don’t know how to choose, so some users will bring them up. Can your ai robot outbound call system of Jiadan Technology be tried out? How does your ai robot outbound call system automatically make calls?


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First of all, answer the question that everyone is most concerned about: can I try it?

I’m sorry to tell you that the ai robot outbound system can’t be tried, and there is no trial in the whole market. Why?

There must be a set of procedures for the use of the ai robot outbound system. First, a platform should be built, and a professional sound recorder should record an exclusive speech of the actual situation of the enterprise. The technicians can upload it to the platform and then import the phone, so that the robot can automatically dial the phone. This is also the reason why the ai robot outbound system cannot be tried out.

This is also the issue that everyone is most concerned about. If you have any doubts, you can contact me by phone on WeChat.

[A little information] Video applications may have surprises! Microsoft executives revealed that GPT will be launched next week.

Andreas Braun, chief technology officer of Microsoft Germany, revealed that Microsoft will launch GPT-4 next week, which is a multimodal model that can handle text, images, audio and video. He said that the Large Language Model (LLM) has been applied to almost all languages. You can ask questions in one language and get answers in another.

In addition, Microsoft AI experts Clemens Eber and holger Ken provided some information, in which Ken explained the concept of multimodal artificial intelligence, while Eber provided some use cases, including recording the voice of a telephone call directly as text. In the past few days, Microsoft has published papers on the multimodal language model Kosmos-1 and Visual ChatGPT, hoping to keep the perception consistent with LLM, so that a single AI model can not only see words and pictures, but also speak.


The official media officially stated that Li Tie was on a hunger strike, half of the league teams were investigated, and Chen Yuyuan’s son was arrested.

China men’s soccer team successfully advanced to the quarterfinals in the U20 Asian Youth Championship after many years. Many fans think it is due to the anti-corruption action. After all, the former national football coach Li Tie was put on file for investigation, and then the president of China Football Association, Chen Yuyuan, was arrested, which made the fans see the strength of this investigation, which made the domestic football experience a qualitative change after a series of reforms. At the same time, it injected a booster into the U20 national football team, not only focusing on the field, but also facing any teammates. As for the anti-corruption storm in domestic football, the official media People’s Daily also expressed the attitude of "zero tolerance, check it out", which is bound to return China football to a blue sky.

It has been four months since Li Tie was taken away by the relevant departments. During this period, many famous people in domestic football have been involved in the incident, among them, there are many big names such as Liu Yi and Chen Yongliang, former vice chairman of the Football Association, and Chen Yuyuan, the head of the Football Association. Some fans believe that the successful investigation of relevant departments is due to Li Tie’s voluntary confession. Therefore, whether Li Tie, who chose to "redeem himself by good deeds", will be given a light sentence in the future has become one of the most concerned topics.

Unfortunately, however, Li Tie didn’t intend to redeem himself for meritorious service in it, but his recent state was rather pessimistic. According to a well-known blogger, Li Tie recently tried to face the investigation by hunger strike, and Li Tie chose to do so, perhaps because he could not accept the betrayal from his wife Long Fei for a while. After all, after Li Tie was arrested, his wife Long Fei not only did not do everything possible to help her husband get off the crime, but chose to draw a line with him and fled abroad with hundreds of millions of stolen money and children. You know, if Longfei chooses to return the huge sum involved, then Li Tie will get a chance to be lenient, otherwise it will definitely go to jail. Therefore, in the face of a sudden blow, after giving up some people, Li Tie directly gave up cooperating with the investigation and chose to commit suicide and "walk away".

Li Tie gave up cooperating with the investigation, and the investigation direction of anti-corruption was adjusted accordingly. According to the news report of Qin Yun, a well-known media person, the relevant investigation team has been fully stationed in the China Football Association, and will focus on the investigation of the league departments. In the next period of time, they should always be ready to cooperate with the investigation. The so-called "I don’t know if I don’t check, but I’m shocked if I check", combined with the latest news from Miaoyuan, Cheng Wenli and other media people, it is known that at present at least half of the leagues including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian and Guangzhou are involved in the investigation of anti-corruption. If the indications are confirmed, then domestic football will definitely experience another major earthquake.

After Chen Xiaoyuan was taken away, after nearly a month of investigation, the case here has also made new progress. Recently, we can get some key information through the name-calling war between two famous names, Li Xuan and Ma Dexing. That is, after Chen Xiaoyuan was arrested, another famous person was suspected of serious illegal involvement. This person is Chen Xiaoyuan’s son. Obviously, through Li Xuan’s social reply to netizens’ messages, it can be seen that Chen Xiaoyuan’s son has obviously been missing for a long time. This situation is most likely to escape from the country, but Li Xuan thinks that he can’t escape. The reason why Li Xuan is so convinced that he can’t run away is that there is a high probability that Chen Yuyuan’s son has been controlled by the relevant departments, and it is even very likely that he was secretly taken away.

I have to say that the arrest of Chen Xiaoyuan’s son also means that during the period after he was taken away, Chen Xiaoyuan must have confessed a lot of clues that are conducive to the investigation. After all, considering that Chen Xiaoyuan already knows that the amount involved exceeds 3 billion, if he does not choose to be frank and lenient, he will explain the facts and the accomplices involved. Obviously, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, Chen Xiaoyuan chose to cooperate with the investigation, and in order to protect himself, he did not hesitate to give up his own son, in order to gain a chance of leniency. As a result, the news that Chen Xiaoyuan’s son was arrested naturally made sense.

As the saying goes, "There is no end to the bitter sea", although Li Tie and Chen Xiaoyuan’s violations of discipline and law have caused almost devastating damage to China football, before the situation has deteriorated further, the outside world still very much hopes that they can actively cooperate, try their best to minimize the impact on China football, and choose to make meritorious deeds to help China football successfully survive this crisis. What’s your opinion on this?

You’re slightly sweet with sour plum: it’s rare to see such a beautiful romantic drama.

A person, in his heart, will have a bad past. Because of this unpleasant past, he has some fears about some things! At this time, there was a person who made him have a good memory! Because of this wonderful memory, he changed his fear of things! Xiaobian today wants to introduce such an urban romantic drama, which is played on Sohu video-"You are slightly sweet in green plum"!

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This is an urban romance TV series that puts artificial intelligence on the screen! All the characters in the play are related to artificial intelligence!

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Gu Yu, a male customer, is a boss who specializes in artificial intelligence research. He is recognized as a great god in artificial intelligence. He studied artificial intelligence to solve his mental illness-when he was a child, he lost his parents because of a car accident. Therefore, I am afraid of noise such as broken glass, car brakes and car horns. So, since he was a child, he was bullied by other children and regarded as a monster! Until I met a little girl. His symptoms were relieved! Later, because my grandfather took me to live abroad. Gu Yu is separated from the little girl. When Gu Yu became a god of artificial intelligence, Gu Yu returned to China to develop the domestic artificial intelligence market and make an artificial intelligence instrument that can cure himself! Come back by the way to find your first love! While walking the robot dog, he met a girl. Through feeling, he found that this girl was his first love!

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Jiang Yiyi is a graduate student! I have always worshipped a great god in the field of artificial intelligence! She likes artificial intelligence because she wants to use artificial intelligence to revive the consciousness of her twin sisters. When Gu Yu told his childhood emotional past, Jiang Yiyi told Gu Yu that the little girl who picked plums for him in the tree as a child was her dead twin sister. This is also the pain in my heart forever!

The picture comes from the Internet.

Although Jiang Yiyi is not a girl she knew when she was a child. However, Gu Yu still likes her. The sweet interaction between two people, Gu Yu’s sweet pet plot for Jiang Yiyi, and another high-quality man’s pursuit for Jiang Yiyi run through the whole TV series!

The TV series adopts the interactive mode of many couples-Du Yao is Gu Yu’s friend and partner! There is a very powerful master in the game. What he doesn’t know is that in reality, it is Tang Xiaofei, Jiang Yiyi’s classmate and best friend, that he dislikes the most. As long as two people meet in reality, conflicts will inevitably occur! Conflict is the foundation of a love. What kind of expression will Du Yao have when he finds out that Tang Xiaofei is the master in his game? What kind of emotional interaction will there be between them?

Cancelo bid farewell to his Song Shiquan: My loyal friend, you in my heart forever.

Cancelo said on social media: "Your time here is short, but it’s enough to make our story eternal! You in my heart forever, my loyal friend. Rest in peace in the starry sky, and we will meet again one day … "

Song Shiquan, which is beautiful, noble and natural, is an ancient dog breed originating in Tibet, China, and one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, with a history of at least 2,000 years. At the end of 19th century, Song Shiquan appeared in Britain and was improved.

Longo: Milan think Keita is too expensive and her physical condition is in doubt. Players are more likely to go to Inter.

Live on March 12th According to the report of the famous Italian journalist Longo, the agent of Liverpool midfielder Nabi Keita recommended this player to Milan, but no negotiations have started at present.

The reporter said that Keita is likely to leave Liverpool freely in the summer. At present, he is looking around for his next home and trying to regain his performance during his time in Leipzig.

Keita may come to Serie A, and his agent has recommended Keita to Milan in recent days. At present, no negotiations have been started for two reasons. One is that Milan thinks his salary is too high, and the other is that Milan also doubts his health.

It is reported that Keita is more likely to join Inter than Milan. It is said that Ausilio, a senior official of Inter Milan, appreciates Keita very much, and Inter Milan has not closed the door for Keita to join.


Enzo’s wonderful pass Havertz made Chelsea win three games in a row, Salah was depressed and Liverpool lost to the vice squad leader.

In the early morning of March 12th, Beijing time, in the 27th round of Premier League, Chelsea challenged Leicester away. Chelsea, which has won two consecutive victories in various competitions, is in good shape, and the players they bought heavily have gradually developed a tacit understanding, and Leicester has become a test stone. Chelsea had a luxurious lineup consisting of Havertz, Felix and Enzo, while the opponent was a relatively mediocre lineup consisting of Suta, Ward, Amartey and Firth.

In the 12th minute, Chilwell received a pass from coulibaly and volleyed from the right side of the penalty area, leading 1-0. In the 40 th minute, Lester, who played in the battle, was still angry. Dhaka received a second pass from Pereira and slammed the door to equalize the score. In the 45th+7th minute, Enzo passed a wonderful ball, and Havertz lifted his foot and volleyed the ball, winning again. In the 79th minute, Moudrek made the ball, kovacic sealed the victory, and Chelsea won 3-1, winning three games in a row.

Chelsea (343): 1-Capa, 33- Fofana (86’4- badia Hiller), 26- coulibaly, 32- Cucurella, 12- Chick (72’14- Chaloba), 5- Enzo, 8- kovacic, 21- Chilville (73′).

In the early morning of March 12th, Beijing time, in the 27th round of Premier League, Liverpool beat Manchester United in the last round, and challenged Bournemouth, which ranked last. In this campaign, the main force of Liverpool did its best, and Nunez, Salah and Gakpo formed a luxurious attack line, while the opponents were Billing, Solanke and Senesi. In the 14th minute, Liverpool got the chance, and Gakpo shot the ball successfully, but the referee ruled that the goal was invalid because it was offside first.

In the 29th minute, Ouattara made a cross from the bottom, and Billing quickly followed up with a close-range push, and Bournemouth took the lead at home. In the 50th minute, Liverpool got a penalty, but Salah failed to score and missed the opportunity to equalize. In the end, Liverpool lost to Bournemouth’s 3-game winning streak and 5-round unbeaten league, and the record of 5-round league clean sheets ended.

Liverpool starters: 1- alysson, 66- Arnold (65’7- Milner), 5- konate, 4- Van Dyke, 26- Robertson, 19- Elliott (46’20- jota), 3- Fabino (65’14- Henderson), 43- bajcetic.

Won seven more games and won the championship! Napoli won with two goals and was far ahead of Serie A with 18 points. There is basically no suspense.

In the early morning of March 12th, the 26th round of Serie A staged a focus battle. Napoli, the leader, beat Atalanta 2-0 at home, and won 8 games in the last 9 rounds of Serie A. Because Inter Milan, ranked second, broke the news that they lost 1-2 away to spezia, Naples has expanded the lead of points to 18 points.

Napoli didn’t score high at home in the last round, and finally Besino lost 0-1 to Biancocelesti Lazio and suffered the second Serie A defeat this season. In the face of the equally powerful Atalanta, the whole team dare not take it lightly. Kvaratskheliya, Osman and Politano started together as strikers, and the rest were the main players. In the first half, Napoli’s attack came like a flood, but the three strikers missed the good opportunity to score goals one after another. Until the second half of 60 minutes, Kvaratskheliya received a cross from Osman, and even missed the defense in the restricted area and shot, and Napoli finally broke the ice. Lamani’s 77th-minute header finally sealed the victory for Naples.

In this game, Napoli’s possession rate is 60%, and 18 shots and 6 shots are scoring two goals. The offensive efficiency is ordinary but enough to control the victory in their own hands. However, the really blue and black Atlanta, which has always been known for its sharp attack, has only a dismal data of 6 shots and 4 positives, and the Diego Maradona Stadium is also nothing. This game is actually a microcosm of Napoli’s strong performance this season. When there was a tradition that Diego Maradona, the king of the ball, abandoned the chain in Serie A, they were truly invincible.

After the game, Lamani, the central defender who scored the second goal for Naples, said bluntly in an interview, "Serie A won the championship? We are going to discuss this problem because it is a common thing. We are currently in this actual situation, and you will hear our fans discussing these two words, and we are like this. "

Indeed, when the perfect season approached the final sprint stage, Naples never concealed their ambitions, and the lead of 22 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in 26 rounds was as high as 18 points, which really gave them enough confidence to talk about winning the championship. When there are still 12 rounds in Serie A, Spalletti’s team only needs to win seven more games, and then it can firmly hold the Serie A champion in its arms. In other words, the suspense of winning the Serie A championship this season is actually completely over.

It is worth mentioning that Naples is not only a masterpiece in Serie A, but also the Champions League this season. After pushing Liverpool, the runner-up of last season, to the top of the group, they made it to the quarter-finals with one foot in the convincing 2-0 win over Frankfurt in the first round of the Champions League knockout. Moreover, the suspense of winning the Serie A championship is coming to an end, which will enable Naples to devote more strength to the Champions League, even stronger than Real Madrid, Bayern or Manchester City.

Future Development Trend of Smart Construction Sites in China Market Environment

Smart construction site refers to a new mode of intelligent building, which uses the new generation information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data to transform the traditional construction site into an information, digital and intelligent construction site, so as to realize the refined, efficient, safe and controllable management of the whole production process of the construction site. In the rapidly developing market environment of China, the development prospect of smart construction sites is broad, but there are also some challenges and limitations. This paper will discuss and analyze the development direction and trend of smart construction site.

First, the development status of smart construction sites

In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry in China, construction sites are facing a series of problems, such as irregular production management, frequent safety problems, improper disposal of construction waste, etc., and smart sites are the effective ways to solve these problems with information technology as the core. At present, many domestic construction enterprises have begun to promote the construction of smart sites, and the construction of smart sites in some areas has begun to take shape.

Second, the development direction of smart construction site

1. Technological innovation

Technological innovation is one of the important directions for the development of smart construction sites. With the continuous development and update of technology, the informatization level and management efficiency of smart sites will be continuously improved. For example, artificial intelligence technology can realize real-time monitoring and early warning of construction progress and safety monitoring, while virtual reality technology can provide engineers with more intuitive demonstrations of architectural design and construction process.

2. Diversified management

The development direction of smart construction site also includes the exploration of diversified management. In addition to monitoring and managing the project quality and progress, smart construction sites can also involve supply chain and fund management. For example, using blockchain technology can realize real-time settlement and transparent management of project funds, effectively avoiding capital risks.

3. Collaborative sharing

Another direction of the development of smart construction sites is collaborative sharing. Because construction projects involve many fields and links and need different professional technical support, smart construction sites can realize information sharing and collaboration through digital technology to improve work efficiency and quality. For example, construction enterprises can achieve collaborative management of project progress, design, material procurement and other aspects through the cloud platform, and improve the overall efficiency of the project.

Third, the future development direction and trend of wisdom

1. Data sharing and interconnection: With the development of smart site technology, various technologies and data information in construction sites will be interconnected, thus making the management of engineering projects more efficient. For example, through data sharing and interconnection, the quality and progress of engineering projects can be better controlled.

2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will be widely used in smart construction sites. For example, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, site managers can more accurately predict the progress and cost of engineering projects and take corresponding measures in time.

3.3D printing technology: 3D printing technology will be widely used in smart construction sites. For example, 3D printing technology can greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of building components and reduce waste.

4. Mobility and automation: Mobility and automation technology will be widely used in smart construction sites. For example, through mobility and automation, site managers can grasp the progress and quality of engineering projects in real time and take corresponding measures in time.

5. Internet of Things technology: Internet of Things technology will be widely used in smart construction sites. For example, through the Internet of Things technology, the real-time monitoring of the equipment and personnel in the construction site can be realized, and corresponding measures can be taken in time to improve the safety and efficiency of the project.

6. Green building: Green building will be an important development direction of smart construction sites. For example, through green buildings, the environmental impact of construction sites can be greatly reduced, and the service life and energy-saving effect of buildings can be improved.

7. Humanized design: Humanized design will be an important development direction of smart construction sites. For example, humanized design can provide a more comfortable and safe working environment for the site staff, thus improving the production efficiency and quality of the project.

In a word, intelligent construction site is a revolutionary technology in the field of construction engineering, which will bring higher efficiency, better quality and less waste to construction engineering. In the future, smart construction sites will continue to develop and innovate, and contribute to the development of construction engineering.

Revit plug-in [Plot module] makes BIM modeling more handy!

BIM modeling assistant [Plotting module] has the functions of exporting drawings in batches, creating drawings in batches, clear height plan, clear height component positioning, clear height analysis, hole positioning, hole marking, one-click hole opening, marking adjustment, marking avoidance, dimension positioning marking, pipeline marking, axis grid distance marking, quick view template, quick local plan, quick section, local 3D, component showing and hiding, etc.

In addition to the drawing module, there are electromechanical, civil engineering, synthesis, construction, family library, and 158+ functions of [7 modules] on demand, all of which can be used.

Modeling Assistant Usage: source=163

Why does Chat GPT have such powerful natural language processing ability?

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI. Its main purpose is to provide a powerful tool for artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It is an artificial neural network based on deep learning, which learns the laws of language by training massive text data, so that it can generate natural and fluent sentences and understand and answer human natural language input.

ChatGPT is based on GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) algorithm, which adopts a technique called self-supervised learning, and can learn the structure and laws of a language from a large number of unlabeled text data. Self-supervised learning is a training method that does not need to manually label data, but trains by automatically generating supplementary information to the original text data. The training data used by ChatGPT includes a large number of web pages, news, books, articles and other texts, with a total amount reaching billions.

ChatGPT has many advantages, such as being able to have multiple conversations, supporting multiple languages, and being able to understand the context. It can be used in natural language generation, chat robots, intelligent customer service, intelligent question and answer and other fields. An important application of ChatGPT is automatic question answering system, such as search engine, intelligent assistant and intelligent customer service, which can be used to answer users’ questions.

Another important feature of ChatGPT is that it can continue to learn, which means that it can continuously improve its performance through continuous training. This means that ChatGPT can constantly improve its accuracy and fluency in the process of use, thus providing users with a better experience.

Generally speaking, ChatGPT is a very powerful tool for natural language processing, and its appearance has greatly promoted the development of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. With its continuous improvement and development, we believe it will bring convenience and innovation to more application scenarios.